Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am looking forward to marriage!

I look forward to sharing my life with Gemma, to have our narratives entwine, to grow in love, companionship and trust.

I look back on the past 15 months and rub my eyes at how far we have come together. I think of the envelopment of trust, the laughter, the cross words, the quiet times, the revelations and the prayers. If life can be this packed in so short amount of time, I simply wonder what future years will hold.

What I do know is that this is a good thing, a beautiful thing.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Word About Adoption...

We, who are NOT Jewish Christians (I’m betting 99.9% of Salvationists included within this statement) are ‘gentile’ Christians, grafted/adopted in to the family of Abraham. We have no ‘right’ to be part of the family, either by merit or inheritance, yet God desires to embrace all (even me, the sinner that I am!).

The scandalous thing to many 1st Century Jews would have been that as well as being presented with the news that their Messiah, their King had arrived, he had come to RESCUE/SAVE the gentiles too, not destroy them!

I confess that I for one need to get on my knees to thank God for his grace far more than I actually do regarding my ‘adoption’ into his family

And I stress ‘adoption’ because it isn’t that God has now done away with Israel to start a new family, but that he redefined what it meant to ‘be’ Israel, to be the family of Abraham (which is what Romans 9-11 is all about).

As uncomfortable as it may be for some, WE Christians are part of ‘Israel’, the newly defined Israel that is now, not based on certain ethnic/physical boundaries (circumcision, blood-relation, and the countless other law-based markers) but by faith in the Messiah, Jesus and the verdict of being justified by God that stems from this faith.

Instead of our potential arrogance that states ‘we are now God’s chosen, instead of those nasty Jews!’ we should celebrate our kinship with our Jewish Christian brothers and sisters as well as praying (as Paul does) that our distance relatives, the ethnic Jews, will receive the good news that Jesus is Lord! (It should go without saying that this hope should be universal but I highlight the Jews particularly for this argument).