Saturday, November 17, 2007


God and his epic story.

Its something I still struggle with as I'm in a culture that focuses on 'me', 'I', 'individual', 'mine'... You get the picture.

This extends to my tradition thinkings of Salvation. Its about God saving 'me'.
It creeps into my way of life. I want God to bless 'me'. I'm concerned about 'my' relationship with Jesus. Me Me Me Me ME. get the picture.

Whilst this isn't a bad thing in itself, and hear me I think these things are important, I'm learning that its not all about... me.

1) We need to hook ourselves in deeper to God's big story. The story that he's extending out to all of us to be a part of.
2) We need to realise that God is for ALL. Not just for 'me'.
3) We need to live in a way that will help others to see the 'bigger picture', that God extends his welcome to them too.
4) We need to realise that God doesn't exactly need 'me' to get his point across, but still.... he does choose to let us in on the action...

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