Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Rock

Gemma is a rock.

I mean that. She is a real godsend. We've had a great time over the past 2 weeks. Gem came to London for half term and we did some of the tourist sites and even got to see Parkinson! We had a lovely time with our friends Debbie, Will and Katie, enjoying the very best traditional japanese food... in London :)

Here's a tip. Never go into Hamley's during half term. Too many kids. You'd think a toy shop was for them or something!

I've just spent a long weekend up in St. Helens too with Gem. We attended a dinner held by Gem's work place, Christians Against Poverty. The CAP Client Awards 2007. It was such a moving time. Men and woman who had been sucked into the chaos of debt had been pulled out again and were given fresh hope and dignity.

People crippled by the chaos of debt and given a chance to live a life that is beautiful once more. I was close to tears.

(PS. Give CAP lots of money to carry on their great work! http://www.capuk.org)

Every place we have been and gone has been a real wonder because I was by Gemma's side. To spend time with her has been the greatest thing and will continue to be so.

I love her.

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Gem's Blog said...

I love you too. You make me feel so special.


ps - The feeling is mutual