Thursday, November 08, 2007

Life (is) Story

I have a story. I struggle with former chapters. I want to rip entire pages out. But I can't. The plot seems be thickening. Maybe there is some depth here after all. I want there to be a happy ever after. I long for a a shift in pace, a hidden plot detail, a hint. Patience. Work on the current chapters and let the following pages look after themselves.

As I prepare for my talk on Sunday, I realise that this will be one of the first times my life is running parallel with my theme.

'From Chaos to Beauty'

A God who works with chaos, with chaotic lives with chaotic people, with a chaotic Creation and moulds it into something beautiful. Its right there - Genesis 1-2.4a, Read it if you can.

v2: 'the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep while a wind (Hebrew is 'ruach' meaning either wind, breath, spirit) from God swept over the face of the waters.'

There's strong evidence to suggest that this 'formless void' isn't a 'nothingness' but actually a messed up state that God brings under his control. He masters the chaos and brings something that he calls 'good' in fact 'very good' out of all of it.

Makes you think about your own life and the possibilities of God doing that with you too.

Can he master the chaos of your own life?

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