Saturday, November 10, 2007

Everything is Spiritual

I think I agree with Rob Bell when he says that 'Everything is Spiritual'..

Or least everything has a spiritual dimension to it... I'm not talking about inanimate objects, rather the people and the things they are involved in..

For example I don't believe that there is a separation between so called 'spirituality' and so called 'secularism'... So just because a Christian may work in a 'secular' job it doesn't mean that what they're doing doesn't have a spiritual dimension to it...

If like N.T. Wright suggests, the followers of Jesus are 'places' where "Heaven and Earth overlap" then how can there be a part of our lives that is simply 'secular'?

Whether we realise or not, every decision we make, the emotions we feel, the passions we have, the relationships we are in all have a spiritual dimension to them. People made in the image of God (so that's everyone, not just Christians!) all contain this spiritual dimension to them. We are all spiritual people.

Of course thats simply my opinion. I could be wrong.

I'll give an example though from my own current life. I've been profoundly moved spiritually by a group called 'Sigur Ros'. They are an icelandic slow-motion rock group. I've listened to their album 'Takk' back-to-back now many times over... They're not a Christian group, or even remotely religious I don't think (correct if I'm wrong)... But God is somehow in this music. Its stirred me spiritually...

I just downloaded some tracks (legally of course!) from their official website ( I sat here and wept at the song 'Olsen Olsen'... God moved and spoke... What a spiritual experience!

Does God work in 'secular' music too?

Think about it.

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