Sunday, November 18, 2007


If you get a chance (And you're in deep with some of this theology stuff) Watch some of the teachings of world-renowned Old Testament Scholar Dr. Walter Brueggemann here at:

He offers up some REALLY challenging stuff regarding the violence of God, ways to interpret the biblical text, how certitude causes death etc.

Here's a taster quote I managed to jot down whilst watching. He was asked about the violence in the Old Testament and God's apparent implication of many violent acts in the Old Testament

'God is deeply implicated in violence and is a recovering practioner of violence. All of us who are recovering, never quite get there and we regress, or fight against it or we have to work at it. That includes God'

Quite disturbing really as its a view we normally either try to EASILY dismiss or we try to explain God's violent acts away just as quick.

We need to drop the easy answers and truly wrestle with this image of God in the bible and who he might be in 'reality'... Its a hard exercise which most of us won't quite understand or get.


For my Old Testament module I purchased his 'Theology of the O/T' book, which is fantastic... Again if you ever have the time to sit reading theology all day and have the luxury to waste money on books than I'd seriously recommend this book.

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John said...

Hi Craig

You might also want to check out Michael Frost's "EXILES:Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture."

He name checks Walter Brueggeman a few times (if my memory's not playing tricks on me)

J :-)

Frost still Pastors at an interesting community called SmallBoatBigSea:

Craig said...

Ah yes, thanks Johnny,

That's in my reading lists I think. Will check it out

Loulabell said...

I might just get that book then! I'm doing an Old Testament module this year too, although the lectures haven't been that great so far so I'm haveing to read more than ever to get a general grasp of what is a very broad subject!!