Monday, October 15, 2007

Two months on..

And so two months whips by without a care in the world...

I'm a bit confused as to where the time has gone. Life has been a crazy mix of the raptuous joy of being with my girlfriend for nearly 7 months, leadership changes at my church, increased academic challenges (i'm practically reading two books a week now!) and fuzzy thinking regarding my future, whatever might that mean..

I'm craving for a mentor.

I need some kind of spiritual coaching and discipleship desperately and I'm not sure when or where I'm going to get it. The 'D' word is a biggie for me this year as I've realised we've failed dramatically to do it in my church. So I have two main priorities at the moment:

Discipling for myself
Discipling for the young people connected to my church

If people stumble across this blog then feel free to share if you have similar experiences or have any advice :)

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Heather's place said...

Hi Craig - have not looked in for a while and the first time I do - you have blogged, at last!

A mentor is a great idea. I had one at work for a while and she kept me sane when things were tough. Not a spirtual thing - just work , work.

If you can't find the right person - or they are not close enough then a small group is good. My lovely Bible study group friends have been a great help and challenge to me. We looked at some spiritual disapline stuff together - Richard Foster if I remeber right (too lazy to go upstairs and check) and The Life You've Always Wanted: Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People by John Ortberg (2002) - that was a good one to do together.

For me the most important thing about mentors or small groups is whether you can be totaly honest and open with them. And then you need to trust them to be honest in return. But I guess you know that.

I have been blessed with friends like that - but they keep moving away :-(

You must have some soul mates in London town that you can hook up with?

Hope you find someone who can help you - I'm sure God will honour your desire.

I'll say a prayer :-)

See you soon?