Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Genesis and then....Genesis

So I'm find myself reading through the book of Genesis. When I finish it, guess what?

I'm going to read it again.

And again

And (you guessed it) again.

I think the Lord wants me to speak on it and teach on it. I'm going to be speaking on Gen 1-2.4 this coming sunday evening with a plan for eventually getting through the whole book. I'm not sure how long its going to take (could be months!) but we'll get there.

I tested out some of the material yesterday at Gospel Choir.... It flopped. How come?

Lack of preparation. That's the testimony of my life! Lack of knowledge, lack of confidence in what I'm saying, lack of time set aside...

So today I begin a new way of thinking about how to do this thing.

Courtesy of Mr. Bell of course:

"RADAR - as communicators of God's Word we need to have our spiritual radar on all the time. Preaching preparation is not something we set aside for a specific day each week. We need to be listening to God's promptings ALL the time - while talking to people, while driving down the street, while watching the news, while reading the Bible ... all the time. God can turn an ordinary place into a sacred place, just like he did for Jacob sleeping out in a desert area (Gen.28:10-17). The truth is that God is everywhere and he is speaking all the time. Are we tuned in? How easily we can miss God at work all around us at each moment of the day. Preaching preparation is be a lifestyle. Wake up and get your radar on!

BUCKETS - we need a way to capture these thoughts and ideas as we receive them. Write down whatever moves you. You might choose to use a paper notepad or in a Word file on your computer. But create a heap of buckets to record your insights. If you don't, you'll forget them.

CHUNKS - over time, some of your individual thoughts and ideas will start to connect together with similar thoughts and ideas to form 'chunks'. A fragment starts to form part of a larger story. It could be a Bible verse, a thought from a TV advertisement, something someone said to you, or a reflection you had - all on a similar topic. Begin to chunk them together. They become the foundation for entire messages or segments of messages.

MARINATE - the best meat is marinated! It's tender and tasty. In the same way, the best messages are ones that you have been marinating in your spirit for a while (even for months), not something you threw together on Saturday evening. Ensure that the message is part of you and that it's something you're living out. Allow the Word to become flesh in you. You can't fake this or do it quickly. Allow God's words to become your words. Your teaching will drip with depth and anointing. You will know it and so will those who listen.

As we take time to hear from God, then deliver His message with creativity and passion, His Spirit will use our words to bring about positive change in people's lives. Go for it!"

This is going to be a life changing thing for me. Please pray that I 'get it'..

Monday, October 15, 2007

Two months on..

And so two months whips by without a care in the world...

I'm a bit confused as to where the time has gone. Life has been a crazy mix of the raptuous joy of being with my girlfriend for nearly 7 months, leadership changes at my church, increased academic challenges (i'm practically reading two books a week now!) and fuzzy thinking regarding my future, whatever might that mean..

I'm craving for a mentor.

I need some kind of spiritual coaching and discipleship desperately and I'm not sure when or where I'm going to get it. The 'D' word is a biggie for me this year as I've realised we've failed dramatically to do it in my church. So I have two main priorities at the moment:

Discipling for myself
Discipling for the young people connected to my church

If people stumble across this blog then feel free to share if you have similar experiences or have any advice :)