Tuesday, June 26, 2007

late night vision

I think God just spoke to me.

I don't believe I've captured it all 'neatly' but below is what I feel compelled to write. A vision for our Corps at Upper Norwood:

"This is not a forum for you to blow your own trumpet, write books, lead on a pedestal or make your name.

A place where biblical teaching is taught to its fullest, is challenging is God breathed, is vibrant, relevant, life-changing, impacting, breaking.

Where discipleship leads us to think it normal to give, to challenge each other, to love one another and serve one another, each using their gifts and seeing God working in new, old, exciting, life-changing ways.

Youth and old joining hands
Youth work based on biblical teaching which stretches out and embraces ALL aspects of life. Not just souls, not just emotions, not just bodies, but HUMAN.

Prayer is crucial, its central, its you speaking to God and him to talking to you. Dialogue, breathing in deeply what God has to give. Filling our lives with all that is good and gracious and loving and fun!

Teaching, praying, giving, working ,serving, dreaming, feeling, loving.

DISCIPLED, MENTORED young people. Which is the basis and then the corporate worship is based after that."

I better get some sleep.

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John said...

I just realised you're blogging again, Craig.

That's good to see.

Peace & Blessings