Sunday, April 01, 2007

Top of the world!

God you are good!

These past few weeks have been the fruit of all that wrestling, the tantrums, the shouting and pain hurled at the LORD. All my prayers about God preparing me for a relationship that is blessed by him, and for a woman who will challenge me in my faith and basically be someone I want to live for for have finally been answered! How can I be so sure? Man I don't know where to start with the amount of signs, chats, prayers, positive comments I've had with both God and with others! In fact anyone really busting to know all the details can call me, because its far too intricate to explain in a blog!

All I can say is as far as relationships go I've been once bitten, twice shy, but restored and now 100% confident this is right.
I've had to learn the hard way, in fact both (Gemma) and I have. The stories we've shared, and the way we've crossed over into each other's lives has been so magical, so blessed, so set up by God! I was never sure about soul mates before, but now I'm seriously reconsidering my thoughts!

Hopefully you will meet her one day, meet this beautiful, passionate, faithful woman who has been brought into my life. Pray for us, pray that God will continue to be the centre of our relationship, as we are doing.

Yes Gemma is her name, if you were wondering. My little Gem :)

Craig x