Saturday, March 17, 2007

'Not quite tomorrow'

Ok ok now, it seems that my last post, claiming that I would address a talking point 'tomorrow' is a little bit overdue! I'm kinda blaming the greatness of Myspace for this, I got introduced and never looked back!

I guess there may still be life in this old blog yet though. In fact the main reason for starting this is because of a prompting from a certain special person but we will name no names!

I'm actually going to be a bit cheeky for a start and simply add the (erm 5 or 6) blogs that I posted on Myspace, as they're all part of this rickety, rollercoaster journey that I find myself on. So if you haven't read them, please feel free (there's a bit of silliness mixed in with the more profound stuff, I think I was drinking too much Dr. Pepper at the time!).

If you get through that then you're qualified to read the new material! As for that last post. I'm going to think about what I currently feel on the subject (come on its been a year!) and probably finish it off! What a cliffhanger!

Stay tuned :)


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