Thursday, March 22, 2007

criss-cross and non-violence

I'm so happy! After so long, it seems God is bringing me into a time of fresh blessings and its one of the most exciting things I've experienced in recent times. I'm so full of hope and anticipation and after much prayer and thought and conversation, it seems that this is just the beginning!

God sends us people to criss-cross into our lives, who have an impact on us, who shake us up from long slumbers. I praise you LORD!

I also wanted to stick up a poem I'd written last month regarding my thoughts after a lecture on non-violence. Its my musings on the point that Jesus calls us to love our enemies, but the tension with doing something so different in a world chock full of it.

What do we do about a world where killings are the norm?
Where 'animals' rage and media storm?
The powers that be are out of this hand,
There's too too many through the land.
We're getting pulled under,
We're rock bottom,
We're twisted apart,
I wonder
Can YOU make a difference in this place?
Will the world heal from stretched out grace?
I must believe you hear us.
I must believe.

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Gem's Blog said...

Great poem matey. I am really glad that you are happy. Its funny cos i am pretty happy right now too! What a co incidence!