Saturday, March 17, 2007

Alive and Kicking!

Ok! Updated!

I'll be posting the same stuff on the other blog so my fans on either won't have to switch ;)

I feel so alive today! Infact I feel shattered, but also alive!

I've just come back from our 24/2 prayer weekend, which has been so tiring, but its been such an amazing time to sit before God. I'm really inspired by young people giving their all to God, and its been fab to see it in action. Emma, you particularly have impressed me with your drive and enthusiasm for 'Stop the Traffick'!

Emily and Bailey, you totally rock for getting all the stuff visualised and pieced together. This is God working through the both of you!

Today is a great day to be me! So blessed in many ways. It's times like this that I was alluding to a few posts back :)


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Gem's Blog said...

Wow your prayer aids look great! Well done i hope it was a really great time for all the people who took part. Well done miss bailey and emily. ican't waith for bailey to come home!