Saturday, March 17, 2007

(06 June 2006) 1st myspace blog

Hmm well whats going on in the surreal world of CSG? Hmm, I'm finally coming to the end of the first year at uni... too be honest will be a relief to get past this coz it means I'm half way to being qualified! Huzzah! I'm also looking forward to missioning it up in Germany on wednesday, will be fabulous to have a change of scenery and spend some time actually working in the sun instead of working inside, being blasted by the sun into the hot room of our uni.

I've been so awful with my chatting to God, and even acknowledging him these past months, so I'm hoping Germany will help kick start that again.

Excited about carrying on the Spiritual gifts stuff with U.N.Y Allstars... will be great to tackle more of that.

Roll on Sunday :)

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