Saturday, March 17, 2007

(14 February) 7th blog

onight I'm sharing a really fascinating quote that I've paraphrased from Phil Wall (Director of Signify), which particularly talks to my Salvation Army Jargoned life:

"I'm not 'Saved' to 'Serve', but 'Saved' to 'Love'. Duty has no place in christianity, we are far too bound by it, along with programme. This does not mean we have no responsibilities as disciples. Rather it means that we should be loving others, helping the poor, freeing the bound up because of the joy it gives us. Because of the love and grace we have been given, we delight in pouring it out on others."

Good stuff eh?

Following Jesus does something to you. The utter love and fulness that he splatters onto us is one that should cause us to keep on splattering!

I think much of the time in my own life, the desire is there, but either the motivation or infact courage, is missing. I'm now challenged that a lot of this stems from the fact that I've often seen ministry, serving others as the long hard slog, the thing we 'have to do to get brownie points' and not really allowed myself to be immersed in God's love so that it effectively spills out to those around me. At least in later times...

I remember that when I was still working (2-3 years ago) there were those choice times when this happened, when I was able to meet with and impact total stranger's lives because of the grace and love I had been given. Its ironic that since becoming a 'professional christian' my resonance to/with the Holy Spirit, that I believe leads me to such things, has diminished.

Right now as I type these words, I am awakening to the truth that I need the pungent, raw, down-and-dirty presence of the Spirit of God to inhabit my life once more.

I think I'm going to go pray now.

(on a side note, after talking about love, I've just become aware of what day it is today!)


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Gem's Blog said...

Your relationship with God is something ath twe need to keep working at constantly. I pray everyday for God to come afresh in my life and that his holy spirit will really work though me and use me and give a total knowledge of his guiding hand and his presence in my life.

I love this post.