Saturday, March 17, 2007

(13 February 2007) 6th blog

Ok so its 1.37am and I'm still up. Do you really want to know why? (because I sure do!).
This is the first serious blog I've written and it comes as the culmination of months of wrestling with God. Like Jacob, I'm in a very sore way and I'm leaving the battle ground a different person...

This is the first part of my musings and I hope I conclude them (because I'm half asleep right now and could fall anytime).

I'm convinced:

That God speaks
That God loves us
That God is desperate to make these two things known to us.

I've actually had to ask the these questions myself and painstakingly experience some sort of an answer.

I hope the following blogs that I write regarding this issue can engage with some of you out there in 'myspaceland', as the question of Jesus' relevance in your life may be one that is plagueing you right now. Or maybe it should be.

A big shout out to all those who prayed for me.

Prayer works - I'm convinced of this too.

Stay tuned

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