Sunday, April 16, 2006

Whats the big deal? pt1

So we finally arrive at the 'Big Weekend' for Christianity.

We all know its meaning has been distorted, we all know it's largely been reduced to stuffing our faces with chocolate and making bizarre bonnets and hunting for painted eggs etc. Thats the paganism of this country being mixed up with the gospel. This is not what particularly frustrates me however. What does is the many times I've heard of how the Sunday, the resurrection is the most crucial part of Easter.

Have you ever heard people say
'oh well we need to focus on the resurrection, as thats the most important part'. I have.

Some have objected to this of course, and again I have heard the very cliched 'You can't have one without the other'. But what is the meaning behind that statement? I get the impression it is often the opinion that the Resurrection of Jesus wouldn't be the completing of the story if he hadn't of course died first, and his death wouldn't have been the complete story without the
resurrection. Fair enough, that seems to make sense. But why the big deal? What was his death and resurrection all about?

We'll discuss this tomorrow

Happy Easter