Monday, March 20, 2006

Allegiance to whom?

Why do they put themselves on the line for what seems like a totally pointless piece of entertainment?

Why do people sign themselves up to things that just don’t seem to make sense? Why do people live such dangerous lives bringing themselves into situations knowing full well they could get into trouble, or get injured?

Now think about why you got into this whole Christian thing in the first place: Was it because you realised that despite feeling incredibly empty and rubbish at most things, that God was totally the one person you could count upon, he’d never leave you, he wanted to heal you, and that sounded like something worth starting…. A relationship with Jesus?

Or had you been going to church for a while and slowly over time found yourself cross over from merely attending church to wanting to BE church, to be part of the community of God, because of what he’s doing in your life?

Maybe part of it was the thrill of being in a battle against evil, and being part of the church was going off into the world to claim people for Christ and sweeping off to victory against sin!

Maybe you’ve realised that you’re not quite at that point when you have accepted Christ, or actually you think its all pretty pointless… and God probably doesn’t exist… I’m not here to find all that out, but just to say this really..

Whatever your situation, do you realise what a dangerous, dangerous message Christianity contains?

I want to introduce to you to some incredibly dangerous words… Matthew 6

‘Your Kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is heaven’

You know these words may not sound a bit threatening when we first hear them, but actually they are statement that contains explosive meaning. Its like setting a stick of dynamite under your chair, its going to rocket you into a new direction!

To say those words is saying that despite what powers there are in your life over you, what influences are swaying you back and forth, whatever things seem to be controlling you, are going to be knocked out of the way, because your main priority, your whole purpose in life is to see what God desires in your life and this world.

Whatever God wants us where he is in heaven, which is in fact all around us, but we just can’t see it yet, we are claiming to be people who are going to bring it about on earth because that is what he’s calling us to do.

Why is that dangerous? Because we know for a fact that what God wants in this world is almost the complete opposite to what we want a lot of the time and what this nation wants… we know that to live a life with Kingdom of God values, means that we’re going to end up different people. If we let him we could become completely new, and that’s dangerous, because we don’t know what that might be… Its dangerous because there are a lot of people who are around who don’t want what God wants and they may end up hurting us… We may end up putting our lives on the line. Its dangerous because we have to let go of our own lives/

That’s what Christianity is about..

Now I’m sharing this with you now because I reckon that for some of you here, you’ve lost that original meaning to Christianity, that its become either a chore or a thing to do with your mates; or its completely irrelevant and you’re think of packing it in. And I reckon there are people here who simply need a bit of encouragement to realise that what and who they believe in is worth fighting for, is worth dying for, is worth carrying on for.. Because it is!


Em said...

wow - absoulutely!
and it's so worth putting up with a bit of grief from a few people, when we can change people's lives for the better - and by doing stuff which is right with God, and living a dangerous life - we will have enternal, never-endingly wonderful life with our Father in Heaven!
Looking forward to next youth church!
Cu then
em x

Brit said...

good post, brother. you don't know me, I am one of Emma's friends from the USA.

I just wanted to say 'right on!' to this post--I think too many times Christianity is downplayed and made to be pleasing or easy to hear, etc.

but that is not the Gospel. In the words of my favorite musician, Derek Webb--

"I think that so often we try to make it our job to make the Gospel easier for us to preach and easier for other people to hear. In order to not get into trouble, in order to not be confrontational....But see here's the truth: you just can't preach the Gospel and not get into trouble. You just can't do it. Hard as you might try, you can dress it up any way you want. But if you're really preaching the Gospel, you're gonna get yourself into trouble....Because again the cross is both beautiful and offensive, and it MUST be both. It IS both. There is no other Gospel for you to preach. So in ways that we seek to dress it up, or 'neuter' the Gospel, just to ROB it of its great offense and therefore its great beauty, then its no longer the Gospel we're preaching to people. We're not doing anyone any favors by making the Gospel easier to hear. Because it ceases to be the Gospel. You know, its not 'safe' to boldly preach the Gospel. Its not. You might as well just preach it and get into trouble. I mean... we're told will literally set mother against daughter, son against father, not bringing peace but a sword. Dangerous work that we're in, as believers. Perilous work, that we have before us, to preach the Gospel--not only to each other, but to the outside world, the unbelieving world. Not safe work. 'Safe' is not a good word, its not a word that I believe characterizes Christians. Or Jesus, or the Gospel. It shouldn't. If it is, then it might not be the Gospel we're preaching. And it makes me think about the great work by C.S. Lewis, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe....the children meet this Lion, Aslan. He is the Christ figure in the story. And these children when they see, as you can imagine, to see this HUGE lion, they're terribly frightened. They're scared to death. And they know that he's king but they have all these questions. They go to some who live there, who know more of Aslan than they do and they say, you gotta tell us--we're frightened by the sight of Aslan the lion. Can you tell us--Is he safe? Is he safe? Now the response that the children recieve, is not 'yes, he's safe.' The response is NO! NO he's not safe! But he is good, and he is KING. Jesus, folks-He is NOT safe. He is not manageable. He's a wild Lion, you cannot tame Him. He's not safe. But He is good, and He is King. You can trust Him. You can trust that He will provide for you what you need, as you go out and you seek to tell people about Him. The Gospel that we carry is not safe. It is not. It is not manageable. Not efficient. Loving people is not efficient. But the Gospel IS good and it IS true.... It's not for the faint of heart. "

Brit said...

sorry, i forgot to reference that...its from his album "The House Show"