Monday, February 27, 2006

Your Kingdom Come

Hurray for Youth Church! Our 1st birthday yesterday! What a celebration! What a lot to praise God for. So much great stuff has happened over the past year at this place. Last night was no exception!

In fact I would say that last night was probably the most spiritually powerful and uplifting and intense gathering that we've had to date. Thanks to God for touching us in such an awesome, but let us not get complacent, but challenge to carry on praying for your Kingship to break into this world.


Em said...

Yeah! Last night was amazing, and God was there throughout - His presence was so intense - it's definately never been that amazing for a long time! (although it wasnt far off those few months ago!)
Craig, everything you said was amazing, challenging, thought provoking and most of all, obviously from God! The way you've changed alongside everyone else at UN is amazing - I can see God at work in ALL of your lives.
Things will just keep getting better and better!
See you soon
Em x

Emr said...

Hey Craig, thats freakin awesome! Glad it went well, be encouraged! God is so awesome like that isnt he


Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

Thats really good to hear! So what is it that makes your youth chucrh tick? what makes it some what more 'succesfull' if you will?

Its really exciting to know that God is working and challenging and encouraging! Big smile!