Monday, January 23, 2006

mixed bag

Yesterday was a pretty mixed bag. We had a Churches together forum, which bored me silly, talking about expenditures and accounts brought forward and drawn cheques etc. I guess these things are essential, but really there was as much enthusiasm and excitement in that room as a poached egg.

Next up we had a Churches together youth service, led by the pastor of the a church near by which is was again quite mixed. Agape (Norwood Worship Band) lead us in worship, man are they great! Love you guys for your true of worship and desire to glorify Jesus in what you do. You're a real inspiration. It was also great to see and hear participation from young people in other churches. This was the first time taht I'd seen alot of these youth, so was really encouraging. Really gets the cogs whirring in my head as to what things we can do to encourage all of this and help it grow. I was a little disappointed with the speaker. She was talking on the relevance of Church for Young people, and it just felt like a rundown of facts and statistics, rather than a mighty challenge to our churches to pull our fingers out, which I think we desperately need. Wasn't really aimed at the young people either. Oh well, I would tend to be overly critical I guess. Still there were some good points!

If we are to do this again though, I really think we need to make it alot more interactive, and fun. Unfortunately a few of the young people left after they had done their bit, so we need to think of ways to engage with them all through the time together.

I don't want to sound like I hated every minute though. This was a good start, we're not used to being together like this so will surely improve the more times we do it.

Unfortunately my day ended by having a massive row with my dad. Wasn't over anything particularly important but we just wound each over up so much and ended up saying a lot of things we regret. Just gets me so frustrated sometimes.

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