Friday, December 09, 2005

This means war

I just realised that someone posted a comment about my post to pacifism. They basically said how does Jesus turning over the tables at the temples fit in with the peace-making concept. I thought it would be worth adding my reponse to the main page, not out of arrogance but just so others can have a think about what Jesus was aiming for during this event.

Craig: "Hey, thanks for posting. Hmm I can understand the gist of what you're saying.

This certainly puts away all the 'gentle Jesus meek and mild' thoughts.

Jesus' act of turning over the tables in the temple was an act of judgement. The temple was at the centre of Jewish worship. It was meant to be the place where Heaven and Earth met, where God actually Lived and met his children, where sins were forgiven. Yet, we have Jesus doing many things in his own authority, that challenged everything that the temple stood for. He was claiming to forgive sins himself. The temple at that time was also regarded as corrupt and in need of reform. Jesus' was basically saying this: This place has no longer any right to be the home of God. What was going to replace it?
The Very Reverend Tom Wright says this: ' What the temple stood for - the saving presence of Israel's God at the very centre of the world- would be summed up in the violent death, at the hands of pagans, of the young Jew who carried on his shoulders the pain and grief of the whole world. This was how sins would be forgiven. This would be how God would embrace the whole world.'

So I'm sorry for the long answer, but I hope that you get the picture of the uniqueness of Jesus act. This wasn't an act of war against people, but a judgement against all that the temple stood for and what it would mean he would soon need to do.
Jesus says: Love your enemies"

By the way I forgot to mention what my response in what you said about if there are no alternatives to war to sort out issues then what happens?

I would say that ideally it should never have got that far. War is generally either failure to listen, or an horrific way to boast one's own country's nationalism. Ideally we nations should be able to sit down with each other and talk things through like adults. If war does happen for whatever reason, it should never be taken likely, or be seen as something good. The act of killing people is Evil. "You will not murder".

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