Thursday, December 08, 2005

hiccough (need some heavenly medicine)

Haven't posted for a while. Whats been happening?

Well I've spoken to relevant people about the lack of a youth team at my main placement. I have been given really helpful advice and hope that it can be implemented after Xmas. I've also finally got an interview for my potential community placement.

Unfortunately some of my friends at Uni are in a really bad state. Some are thinking about quitting the course. It makes me sad that they're going through such pain. Whilst I can't totally understand it, I've had similar problems and feelings (Check out earlier posts for evidence of this.) I wish I could help provide answers, but thats not going to be possible. But they know I'm here for them and supporting them 100%. Still wish I could do more though.

Youth Church was one of the best ever. The theme was 'Peace'. I hardly think it was one of my best talks, but the response, especially during the prayer stations time and the sung worship was really amazing. God's awesome power and majesty was really potent in the place. It was so wonderful to see the young people engaging with God in such a wondeful way. I must say that the house band 'AGAPE' were a massive part in aiding the evening. Despite missing their lead singer, they did an outstanding 'job' and really helped to lead us into God's presence.

I'm having an almighty spiritual hiccough at the moment. Wish I wasn't, but this is baggage I've carried around for over 3 years now. Currently feeling it'll never go. I'm too weak to progress from this particular sin.... I know its down to God's power, but I also need to make an effort, which I'm not doing.

Hoping the Prince of Peace will help me through this.
I don't need my heart to get any harder... I want to feel grief and sorrow and repent. That's my major prayer for current times.

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God Loving Physio said...

I am praying for you, always here if u need a chat.