Saturday, November 05, 2005

youth church (Light)

Hmm well I've not been very bothered to write. I guess that's coz nothing major has happened.

Well I needed to jot down that We had our first youth church last sunday for a long time. I hadn't spoken publicly for over 3months (since I was in Latvia) So I was really anxious. If I'm totally honest it was a bit choppy, but there were also some really wonderful moments that I believe the Spirit of God really flowed through. A part about if God can use one messed up person like me to achieve stuff, then just think what he could do with a whole room of us? Think what he could do with a whole city? with a whole county, with a whole country etc... I didn't write any of that... That suddenly just came out...

Enough about me though, what was so important and uplifting was the way in which everyone really seemed to be engaged in worship to YHWH. Really made all the work worthwhile.

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Joel said...

WOOOOOO it was sooooo worth while in the end. Can't wait till the next one hehehe