Tuesday, November 08, 2005

the great man...

I currently have a new 'hero for the moment' His name is Sir Rev. Dr. John Polkinghorne, and I had the great pleasure of attending a lecture of his entitle "Destiny after death". This man is an absolute genius! He's got doctorates coming out of his ears, won prizes for science and religion, and is an utterly likeable fellow.

I really enjoyed his take on the soul, Heaven/Hell, death and evolution vs creationism etc. I know some of you reading this would probably rather watch pain peel from the walls, but it's something I found incredibly stimulating. Much of what he says, I agree with except his belief that God chooses to limit his omnipotence. I haven't really got a coherrent argument against that at the moment, but there is something that makes me feel slightly uneasy when I think about this. Oh well. I think I'm going to buy his new book and bore everyone to death with more theology speak... lol

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God Loving Physio said...

Well I have a good answer that helps me with a lot of things in religion that I struggle with. I feel my mind is far too tiny to understand the in's and the out's of God's power and why he does some things and why he doesn't. I mean, he created the whole Universe and is so amazing - how can I possibly fully understand everything about him. So I simply trust in him as my friend and believe I just cant understand the explanation!