Monday, November 28, 2005


This weekend just passed has been really awesome. I got to spend some time with awesome people (My youth group) doing some awesome things (Saturday Harry Potter and Sunday seeing Delirious? at Hillsong).

I've got a lot of dreams and aspirations for this church, most of all the youth scene. I'm not up to the task but I know God is. I need a good kick up the backside a lot of the time. I don't want to let them or Him down.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Love your enemies


We were talking about Pacifism on Thursday. Its something I've just never really considered. Events like November 11th really make you think about war and killing etc. I guess it makes. If Jesus commands us to love our enemies, then should we be ruling out war? Is there such a thing as a just war? Are there ways around it? I was thinking about World War 2... why did that happen? could it have been prevented? Were we in any way to blame for it..? Like I might have said before, War seems to be a failure to listen to each other. Whilst I admire those who are giving their lives for freedom, whilst I could never ever be disrespectful of what they have brought and bring us.... I wonder if it should ever have come to drastic measures like that in the first place.

We are such a corrupt, and self-righteous race of beings... Lets look at Iraq again - We rant against "Evil people" such as Saddam, but hold on, didn't the western world equip him in the first place?? Isn't it our weapons that he has used? The same with Al-Quaeda... Isn't it ironic that one day we could get bombed by our missiles that actually say "Made in Britain?"

Ok before I start sounding incredibly self-righteous myself, I'll confess to my own failures to meet this command. How many times have I completely disrespected and hated people? How many computer games have I played that involved someone beating up or shooting someone else? How many movies have I seen someone thrust a sword into another person?

Loving one's enemies and having nothing to do with violence is one of the hardest things to do. We are saturated in it. Yet its entirely possible. Jesus did it. I'm sure he can help us to do so too. Will we ever wise up to this?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I'm sorry put this has to be one of the funniest pics I've ever seen.

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Monday, November 14, 2005


Rememberance day... Its very hard to remember something that you weren't around for. It's very hard to reflect on a past that although had an impact on the present, never really impacted me directly. Maybe I sound flippant. I'm just writing honest thoughts. I'm so fortunate to see my own thoughts mature in this way. Just three years ago, I didn't really bat an eyelid to 11/11. In fact I remember the horrendous occasion at work, when I pretty much made a mockery of the whole 2mins silence.
Thankfully I've grown up a little since then!

It is hard to remember something that you weren't around for, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't respect the occasion. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't be grateful for those countless millions who gave their lives for freedom and peace. It doesn't mean that you can't reflect on the times during your own life that war and turmoil has occurred. War is unfortunately a constant reminder to me that we are in a struggling mess as a race. It is something that has happened throughout out almost the entire span of our existance, and it is something that will continue to outlive those living on the planet today.

Why does war happen? What causes it? Why is it STILL happening? Why can't we learn from the mistakes of the past? War seems to show that we very much still hold the values of the Kingdom of Man rather than the Kingdom of God/Heaven. It is one of the most evil acts of that humanity has conjured up.
It is often very portrayed that there is a 'good' side and a 'bad' side during a war. Unfortunately our very western thinking tends to lead us to the assumption that we are the 'goodies'. The war in Iraq... This has often been seen as the Western righteousness (good side) vs Eastern evil (bad side).... Or even just as dangerously Christianity vs Islam.

Our leaders may indeed be professing themselves to be Christians or whatever, but they are still human and they still make mistakes. Let's think back to 1st Century palestine. The Jews are waiting for their Messiah who will conquer the Roman opppression and lead Israel to freedom. They foresaw a great political warrior King, a champion superman who would bring the sword to all those who opposed Israel. Never in a million years did the majority of them expect that the Messiah would come as a servant to all. They never expected the Messiah to preach a message of LOVE TO OUR ENEMIES. Not the sword. Never would they have expected the most beautiful moment in history, the rescuing of not just Israel but also the entire world, to come from his hideous death on the cross. That is the God being crowned King of his Kingdom.

That is the climax of all of creation. That is the Kingdom values we too often forget.

Love the Lord your God will all your strength, will all heart, will all your soul. Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

the great man...

I currently have a new 'hero for the moment' His name is Sir Rev. Dr. John Polkinghorne, and I had the great pleasure of attending a lecture of his entitle "Destiny after death". This man is an absolute genius! He's got doctorates coming out of his ears, won prizes for science and religion, and is an utterly likeable fellow.

I really enjoyed his take on the soul, Heaven/Hell, death and evolution vs creationism etc. I know some of you reading this would probably rather watch pain peel from the walls, but it's something I found incredibly stimulating. Much of what he says, I agree with except his belief that God chooses to limit his omnipotence. I haven't really got a coherrent argument against that at the moment, but there is something that makes me feel slightly uneasy when I think about this. Oh well. I think I'm going to buy his new book and bore everyone to death with more theology speak... lol

Saturday, November 05, 2005

youth church (Light)

Hmm well I've not been very bothered to write. I guess that's coz nothing major has happened.

Well I needed to jot down that We had our first youth church last sunday for a long time. I hadn't spoken publicly for over 3months (since I was in Latvia) So I was really anxious. If I'm totally honest it was a bit choppy, but there were also some really wonderful moments that I believe the Spirit of God really flowed through. A part about if God can use one messed up person like me to achieve stuff, then just think what he could do with a whole room of us? Think what he could do with a whole city? with a whole county, with a whole country etc... I didn't write any of that... That suddenly just came out...

Enough about me though, what was so important and uplifting was the way in which everyone really seemed to be engaged in worship to YHWH. Really made all the work worthwhile.