Monday, October 10, 2005


I watched a film today that I haven't seen for 10 years. It's called 'Powder' and it's about an albino teenager called Jeremy Reed. It's a tragic tale, as all through the movie, he's rejected and made to feel lonely by the people around him. He even spends most of his life in the basement of his grandparents house.

We find out that he has read and memorized every book in his house and that his IQ actually makes him the most intelligent person ever to have lived. But things also become a bit stranger as he reveals he has a special affinity with electricity (he's like a living magnetic force or something) as he goes from performing simple 'spoon tricks' to disabling any electronic equipment around his being (He can't watch a TV without the picture distorting).

What is most moving though is his connection to living creatures, he can 'look' into people's true selves and read their thoughts and experience their emotions, by touching them he can communicate and show them parts of themselves that they never knew existed... He acts a bridge between a comatose woman and her husband and helps them speak to each other one last time.

But still he's not accepted into our society. Still he's bullied and feared and come the end he decides that there's only one place for him to go...

Not wanting to turn this page into a film critique, I nevertheless wanted to make a comment: Can we ever, as a human race, be as kind and compassionate, as thoughtful, as connected to life as this character? One man was, and that was the true image of God reflected in one man. The God-man. If we are all reflections of the image of God, can we possibly get close to knowing what it's like to be truly human? I know it's something I will always struggle with as I daily distort this image for one that I'd rather choose myself. The danger is that I start to reflect less of the divine image and become less human.. more inhumane... But I don't want to. I want to be truly free, truly human just like my saviour.

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