Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hmm well I think it's good to mention that I'm slowly on the mend as far as life is concerned. Reading that book is helping as it's pointing out all sorts of things that are really relevant eg. Making time prayer, making time for solitude, making time for Joy! I spoke to my mate Carl who flew down from sunny Bradford on Monday. At the end of the day (we spent 3hours in Pizza hut and 2hrs in Starbucks!) I left feeling really invigorated. Just chatting about our Salvation Army heroes (namely Russell Rook and Adam B) really seemed to work wonders for me, and I felt something that I haven't in along time: PASSION

Just recollecting all the stuff that they've done, is starting to help me (Obviously God is getting all the glory! I'm not into hero worship) remember what it was like when I was totally fired up for God. I'm a long way off from wherever it is I'm hoping to be, but this is a great start. I sense God is 'fixing' me yet again.

It's all good :)

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God Loving Physio said...

Fantastic!! God can do amazing things!! And u got one extra friend here who will always listen :-) Will continue praying for you 2(If u can figure out who this phantom poster is mwhahaha HINT: Common, there must only be one girl u chat 2 online who is this crazy at times lol!)