Monday, October 17, 2005

get by with a little help from my friends

Friends are great aren't they? My biggest shock to the system, is the realisation that I do actually have friends my own age after such a long time. If God is community, and we are made in his image, then we can only be truly ourselves when we are also in a community.

After the isolation of Timothy last year, I am now in a class of at least 20 people who I see at least twice a week. These are peers who are going through similar things to me. These are people who can relate to me and me to them. I suddenly rememebered my prayer from months back when I asked God to send some people who be friends to me. And here we are. My biggest worry is that I've spent so much time byself, that I can't actually socialise with these people. I'm stuck on 'comedy Craig' defense mode at the moment. But I need to shut him down and be myself.

I can't over look the wonderful potential of friends that I could make over the next few months and years. I need people.

More importantly I need God. This week I need to make a huge effort and spend some time praying etc... Mark has just lent me a book by John Ortberg, which I will wade through. Maybe it will help. I hope so. I don't want to feel only half-alive at the moment. I want to feel free and loved by the creator God. I know I am, but I want it to seem real to me.

Coming back to friends though, they have been so amazingly supportive. I hope that I can be an encouragement to them as they have already been to me.


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sean odissy said...

Well, this blog and post have struck a special nerve that motivated me. Profound and interesting, and it has really got me thinking... What if many people were able to see this, would you mind? I could tell a friend or two, but only with your permission.

~ Thanks for making this blog, I'll bookmark and come again.
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Craig said...

Yeah feel free to share... I don't mind.. If it encourages people then that's nice to know