Saturday, October 01, 2005

can't think of a title

It's been a pretty interesting week. First time at studying properly for 4 years. I've really enjoyed it. It's so much better then doing nothing! I just finishing off my first essay too, which needs to be sent for Wednesday. We have assignments every other week, so it means that I'm going to be very busy!
Had a slight worry as I've not yet properly organised what I'll exactly be doing at my UN, but hopefully things should be a lot clearer this week. Mark and Linda have really been awesome, and I couldn't ask for any better support.
Yesterday we went to Nikki's leaving party, which was really nice. Carl managed to make it, which I'm sure was a really great surprise for Nikki. They all did a great job of keeping it all secret! Tonight I'm going to a boat party on the Thames with the rest of LSE youth. Been twice before, and I must say it should be a pretty fab evening.

My main action point at the moment is really to start up my devotionals again. Praying and reading the bible would be good to do... I miss hanging out with God in that respect. I'm sorry I've been such a jerk. Hopefully, now I've got something to aim for, I'm going to be more motivated - Not that I should need an event like that to make me want to spend time with God though. In fact my spiritual life should be the foundation.

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