Sunday, September 04, 2005

What a day.....

Oh man, I had one of the worst nights ever! I didn't actually get off to sleep until around 5am... thats ridiculous ain't it?
Part of it was the heat, but I guess it's mainly because of all the crap (mental not literal) bouncing around my head at the moment.
I think the sooner I know for CERTAIN what's happening, the better.

I'm totally rocked by whats been going on in New Orleans.... It's just totally unfathomable, how something so atrocious can happen and how it has ripped lives apart. Everyone is looking for someone to blame, but this time you can't blame such a thing on Al-Quaeda, or terrorism. You can blame your president for not getting there quick enough, you can blame the weather, but you can't prevent it from happening again. That's what's so scary isn't it? The fact that even the world's mightiest nation can't prevent the devastating power of nature. What's even worse is that we just sit on our comfortable sofas and say 'thats a shame' and then change to the channel and erase it out of our sight... But it's not out of sight for those living there. It's not out of mind for the people having to trample through all sorts of crap in the street; for those who can't even bury their families and friends; for the women being sexually abused by the men taking advantage in such dire times; by the child who has to go yet another day without food; for those who can't afford the bus fare out of town. And we sit here and say 'thats a shame' and then reach for our remote. WHAT can we do? What CAN we do? What can WE do? What can we DO?

WE simply CAN.

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