Saturday, September 10, 2005

Notts Landing

No not the popular TV programme, but I got back from Nottingham Arnold today after a 2day trip.. It's been a weird set of days, I've gone through every single emotion I think is possible. Conclusion:Never put anyone on a pedestal, otherwise you'll just get burnt. Saying that, I did generally have an awesome time, and I'm hoping to see the Notts guys again. They totally rock :)
I'm currently now working on 6 songs; 3 of which started taking form on the to Nottingham... I'm on those writers who seem to flourish when they're a bit messed up, so melodies and lyrics have been coming full flow. Here's such an example:

Please mind your head on the door to
My feelings.
Please hold on tight to my soul.
Think of a way you can cope
Without stealing
Pieces of joy that were whole.

and another:
How can life be sweet and sour?
Bitter sugar coated hours.
Will the thought of you ever reach my heart?
Scars bring happiness and sadness.
Shifting tides result in madness.
How am I supposed to finish what I could not start?
We were made to be together,
Death and life, for worse or better.
You could be the one forever
Who'll I'll always love.


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