Sunday, September 18, 2005

finally some hope!

Well I finally got that magic text message today to say that The salvation army is going to put up the cash to fund my placement for Oasis Course! Whoa, thank you Lord! I can't help but laugh at the fact that I was told the DAY BEFORE I LEAVE to start the induction to my course!

Oh well! That's ace. All I need now is to get the grant from the LEA and my fees are pretty much sorted... Yesss!
I apologise for the few days lapse in blogging, but I 've seriously not had ANYTHING worth to say. Unless you wanted me to list every DVD and TV programme, and CD I've listened to, I thought I'd wait until something interesting cropped up. I don't know what to think or feel about this coming week, except that I'm definitely looking forward to it. It will be so nice to actually do something, and to be somewhere where there are lot's of people around my age, who are wanting to do the kind of things that I want to do. I'm a bit worried that I've secluded myself a bit too much over the past few weeks. I did need this time by myself, but I hope I can get back to actual social behaviour. Only time will tell I guess.

So please think of me as I get up before 6 to jump on a coach which takes me 2 and a half hours up to the golden shores of Leicester. I'm going to be VERY grouchy, I'm totally not a morning person, and so could possibly kill someone just by starting at them. Hopefully not though.

Hopefully the ridiculous melodramatic posts that I've created in the past few weeks will slowly start to disappear as I intergrate myself back into society... But at least you can't say it wasn't entertaining!

Will update in a weeks time (when I'm back)


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