Tuesday, August 23, 2005

it's good to slob?

Ok, So now I'm back to vague normality (actually maybe it's the peace and quiet that's abnormal), I'm having a chance to get sorted for the future. The only problem to all this is that I'm not doing anything!
Don't get me wrong, I'm so enjoying the sleep ins and the hours of dossing around and the chance to study my systematic theology book (yay), but after a year of crazy god-tastic stuff, It's very strange to have all this free-time. Actually I should be getting concerned about September. I've still not heard from anyone about whether it's still ok to stay at Norwood, or if I have any money to do so, but I'm suppressing this at the moment. I've picked up a very annoying habit of locking into the here and now at the expense of the future. Sounds grandiose right? Probably just a good way of saying I'm can't be bothered. Oh well.
Went to my first UK sally army meeting in 8weeks on Sunday and it was Croydon of all places. It was very weird. I was worried that anything back home was going to seem bland to the amazing stuff I've seen overseas. I'm not going to comment on the meeting because it's the first week back. It was a shame that most of the people I know were away, but still it was nice to be there and talk to the legend that is Johnny Laird (love ya mate! ) and various other cool people who've been so supportive to me. Looking forward to spending more time there.
Challenges for this week are to start praying! I've seem to have forgotten that this is a part of life and have put God on the back-burner for a bit too long since gettting back. Better keep on reading those books. Oh, and I've hit upon the problem of Hell vs universalism at the moment. Entering into a lot of conversations about this online. It's a bit annoying that each side has such great points of view! Anyway as long as I hold on to the anchor points of the Cross and that God is Love, I shouldn' t get too stressed.
What do I think about this issue at the moment? God created us knowing that evil would come into the world. It's God's responsibility to sort out evil. When we do bad things we only understand in part and not the full extent of the consequences. In this respect we are like young children. If you are a loving parent then you will want to put right anything that happens to your child. The cross is the result of this. The cross has to redeem every act of evil that has happened, is happening and will happen. So thats a start. I'm still wondering if eternal torment is something that a Loving God would allow. Maybe yes, maybe no. Either way he doesn't want it... Will keep on pondering over this.

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