Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bubble is finally burst

Well the end of another week! Another 7 days of nothingness. I think I'm getting Timothy withdrawal symptoms! Something on the plus side though is that Mark and Linda have arranged a time with me to talk about 'the future' so I'm hoping things will go well. I also managed to fill out the highly confusing LEA form to get some kind of grant to help me with funding this year, so hopefully that will help.
Don't you hate it when you you're kept awake by thoughts constantly whizzing through your head? I had one of the nights last night. I was thinking about how since I've come back from Prague, religion and God have become something to do with books and theories and debates and whats up there in my head. I've nto really spent anytime on praying and let the relationship grow. It's really hard though, because when you're simply stuck in one place not doing anything except socialising occasionally, and reading up on books, there isn't much motivation to do much of the 'God stuff'. I guess if I think about all this, it must be me simply trying to adjust to normal life whatever that is. I have to face the fact that I'm not a Timothy anymore. Life can't be the same as it once was. Times change. In a way maybe I am still a Timothy. Not officially, but I'm still a learner right? I'm still a disciple. I still have tons of questions and tons of experiences that I want to have. I've still got the rest of my life to grow. But I'd like to be a 'Paul' one of these days. I'd like to be able to disciple others and not just be a disciple. But then being a disciple of Christ is to teach and to learn.... Hmm

Oh by the way please check out this website! I've been assured that it IS a joke! The sad thing is that there ARE people who actually think like this!

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