Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The 11th Commandment


June already!?!

Hmm.... Well it's June. I have but 9 days before I finish my placement here. Not exactly sure how I feel about that at the moment. I'm looking forward to the change whatever that may bring.

25th June I'm off to Latvia for one month. This is the last leg of the Timothy Programme for me. Not really focussed on preparing for this trip (Heck I don't even know where it is exactly) but realising that I may need to spend some time now actually channelling my prayers and thoughts towards this. The group has been split into two, with half of us going to Lat and the others to Germany. If you were to ask me 6months ago if I am in the right group I would have had to seriously think this over. Present day Craig is a lot less obnoxious, arrogent and two-faced and is absolutely over the moon about who he is going with. You see I'm with the quiet group. The group who don't have to shout to be heard; who don't think they're better than most; the group who don't have to prove anything to anyone else; the group who aren't interested in shallow, superficial relationships but deep and meaningful ones.
I can boldly say this because at the start of the year I was a part of that other group. I was desperate to be noticed and unfortunately sacrificed a lot of my character to get to that spot. I'm so over the moon that I will get the chance to be myself!! That I don't have to be cracking jokes every 5mins in order to feel good! This whole trip is going to rock and I can't wait to get on and do it.
Another topic that is worth bringing up is that I've been accepted to do the Youthwork and ministry Course with Oasis. The only thing I really want to say about that is 'Praise God!'
I'm finding out remarkable things about my faith. Horrifyingly I'm still not the man I would like to be. I feel that part of this is going to get better when I finish the TP... We'll see though.