Wednesday, March 02, 2005

youth church and other fun-filled "fings"

Ok, about time I posted!

Well Sunday evening was a really blessed time! Our first ever youth church was so worth the wait!

I'd been praying for days and days, for everyone involved and everyone who would be turning up. I also had a responsibility to these guys to speak from God. I was desperate that what I said came from him and not my own crazy thoughts

The organisation didn't go without a few problems (typically) we had to rely on one mic to do the business because 2 of the others were making weird, scratchy, screaming noises (mics not people!) we had other technical problems, but nothing prayer couldn't handle.

The event itself was really great. The band played really well despite the lack of practices! It was really encouraging to see everyone getting on well and enjoy the evening.

Gosh my first ever preach! I spoke on God's love (agape etc.) I had been quite nervous beforehand, but stepping up and speaking, my fear melted away and I actually really enjoyed it. The weird thing is it's almost like it wasn't me speaking, and when I had finished, I couldn't believe how quickly time seemed to have passed (it was around 20mins) During the response, it was great to see people praying in groups and by themselves. I basically invited them to take some time to chill with God and let His words soak in. I personally was very blessed from the evening.

Our curry club is meeting again tonight woohoo! Really enjoyed the last one, so I hope this new place is good. Also just finished working on my talk for Home league tomorrow (thats right home league!) I'm speaking on ALOVE which should hopefully be interesting for the old un's to hear.

Oh yeah, we've had Aled Jones (the guy who sang the snowman theme song) here recording his latest CD at Upper Norwood hall! As I'm typing, this wonderful orchestra is playing the backing music. Weird eh? the salvation army used for a recording studio because of it's "great acoustics!"

Linda and I are doing a school assembly tomorrow based on Noah's Ark. We did one last week which went down well. Will be using more Dougy-doug-doug songs for them to bounce around to.

It's nice to have a lot of interesting things to write about all at once! Better then talking about how rubbish the weather is at the moment! (which it is)

By the way, if anyone reading this has broadband, then download the Jesus videos off of this website... Comedy gold!


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