Sunday, March 20, 2005

long time no blog

Yes I know I broke my promise! Instead of regularly it's taken me at least 2 weeks to post something else... Man what a busy few weeks I've had though!

7th March until 10th was spent in Nottingham Arnold for more Timothy training. This time we were split into two teams, so the others were going to be spending the time at Morden, (am aware of the poor use of grammar in previous sentence, but can't be bothered to delete it).I must admit that I was very childish about having to travel "all the way" to Nottingham. First sheffield and now this! Fortunately I very quickly repented as soon as I got to Notts because I remembered how blessed I was to actually be there learning from some great teachers in the first place.

Subjects taught were theology, stuff on the Eden project, relationship boundaries and something else which I can't quite remember, but it was all good! Actually something quite important resulted from a conversation I had with the theology teacher which I will now divulge.

The man in question is a Dr Peter Philips and he is a tutor at cliff college, which is a christian theological and bible college .
I told him I have a fairly keen interest in theology and would like to study it more indepth, but have been deterred from applying to Universities because of my lack of A-levels. He told me that A-levels weren't necessarily needed for cliff, so I've actually received a prospectus and have emailed them to ask about the intake for this year.

The one barrier is the cost. it's around £18,000 which is... yeah u said it, so am considering maybe trying to apply for a bursary or a student load. I'm not going to jump the gun though. It's important that I wait for a reply before rushing off to the bank manager. If this is what God wants me to do then all will be revealed.

Prayer is the key....

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