Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The God I love is not a neon-sign (quote of the week)

Ok so like, here's me thinking Cliff college might be the thing, but speaking to Adam Bonner yesterday, there might be an option to do the "Oasis" programme... Now I'm confused! God isn't making it very easy for me! But that is fine, thats what faith is about.

Had out last Alpha course evening yesterday. I can't believe how fast 10 weeks have come and gone! Wow! It's been a really great time of sharing together and discussing issues and beliefs. The best part of it is 2 people who weren't connected with a church are not attending at Upper Norwood! So hallelujah for that, because that is purely God doing his thang again!

The songsters are holding some kind of evening service thing tonight for easter. Whilst its not something I would normally go to, I think it would be good to support them. Especially as most of them support the youth when they're doing stuff.

Oh yeah, monday was pretty cool! Led over60's and bible study again and received (get this) A rather nice easter egg! So thats been eaten.... well not really. Waiting rather impatiently for sunday!

ps checkout the Star Wars trailer! totally rocking! you need crummy quick-time though to make it work....

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