Monday, February 07, 2005

Monday thoughts

What a weekend!

Aw bless Kirsty! She organised a get together with some other Timothy's to celebrate my birthday! Had a great time with everyone on Friday... Forgot to bring a change of clothes though, so ended up the next morning smelling like a badger....

Saturday was just wicked... A few of us went to see The London Community Gospel Choir... Whoa were they great! Really was a wonderful time.

By the way, yes I had changed before going out that night!

Yesterday our worship band played again. We were a few members short, so I led the group. It was so beautiful to see and feel the genuine response and support of the congregation. Hearts are becoming flesh!

Spoke to my mentors today about how things are going... God has really blessed me with some awesome mentors! I expressed my concern that I don't feel the anointing of God. It's like I'm on auto-pilot... They helped me through and have helped me see the bigger picture. As far as they are concerned, things are going well.

Discussing plans for our first youth church meeting on 27th Feb.!! Really excited because I know this is God's timing. Am focussing on making Jesus at the centre of this thing. I'm confident he will bless us richly, providing we stick to His Will and Vision.

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