Friday, February 25, 2005

Late entry

Ok I'm quite aware that my entries here have been getting less and less frequent... No excuses apart from laziness to be honest, so I'm going to try doubly hard to stick something on here as much as I can...

Ok so this week.... oh yeah.. started my script again!! I'm speaking about God's love and I think I missed the point in my first attempt. I'm not going to throw it all away but it's going to need some heavy redrafting. Will be sorted for sunday.

Tuesday I led over-60's (yeah!)
Wednesday.. went to a meeting about sexual trafficking (about stopping it!)
Thursday.. rehearsal practices with the worship band for sunday! A little bit stressful at the start, but I'm with a very talented bunch of people! They got it straight away... God is good!
Today I'm actually going out for a belated birthday meal with the croydon posse! Will be awesome to see everybody again.. I do miss 'em!

The best news of all? Well I believe that God is really starting to speak to me again!! I've had a bit of a wilderness experience recently but, I'm desperate to hear his voice and to feel that I'm not praying to a brick wall! I'm going through a lot of changes in myself at the moment... Getting there. Praying for wisdom and for "today's anointing"


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