Monday, February 14, 2005

Had a really, really, really busy weekend. Was on the team for the Salvation army's territorial youth rally up in Sheffield.

Travelled up on Friday with Kirsty and Matt P... picked up Matt I from Bedford and eventually got to Sheff around 10ish.. Got to sleep around 12 and woke up at 4am!!! Nicht so gut

Ok so we eventually all rolled into the venue around 7am on Sat. Helped unpack stuff from the vans etc... (alot of techy equipment etc). Here's a great joke... my role was HOSPITALITY! man I've not felt so incompetent for a long time!

It was anything particular difficult... just get the lunches and dinners prepared etc... make sure the kitchen was tidy and all that... but man I had such a hassle working out exactly what to have for the meals and how the money thing was gonna work. I ended up paying for the lunches myself (£71 blinking quid!) and then getting the money back.

Dinner was easier in that I simply ordered loadsa KFC's with ALOVE's petty cash. Had to return to KFC though when I realised that I had no receipt (so that they could claim the money back from THQ). I ended up not having a bite to eat from any of that chickeny goodness, sob!

Event itself went well. The focus was on the issue of sex trafficking, which is a pretty heavy issue but was dealt with really well. Thought R.R. and J.T spoke really well. Got to bed at 11pm and made the journey home today with Matt P. chauffeured by Matt S.... (gosh so many Matt's!)

Incredibly we made the journey from Sheffield to Morden in around 2hours!? (rocket powered car I guess)

I decided to go home to visit the parents and went to Croydon evening meeting. Ended up giving 2 testmonies.... hmmm... Anyway I can't believe the amazing changes that are going on there! Wow the Holy Spirit is really working on the hearts and souls of those people! Praise God!

As soon as I walked through the door, I was struck by how different the atmosphere of the place was. I felt much joy and love coming from a church that wanted to be there worshipping together! God has his hand on the place in a powerful way. Looking forward to seeing further fruits of the Spirit's work.

Must get to bed now....

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