Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday the something of Feb

Half-term week so have had a pretty easy time of it this week.

Finished a fantabulous book called "the anointing" by R.T. Kendall which I would recommend to anyone who is serious about discover what God wants them to do in life...

Monday I 90% finished my speak for youth church on 27th.
Tueday lead the alpha group at church... A really honest and open time for all of us... the theme was on prayer, "how and why should I"
Wednesday went to my old place of work to have lunch... try out for all your salvation army needs!

Thursday I met up with my mentors to catch up on stuff. They're in scotland this weekend so I won't be seeing them until tuesday... Also went to some kind of pastors together meeting with Mark... Both got immensely bored but it passed the time I guess. Oh yeah also wrote a diary entry for the ALOVE website should be featured next month.

Friday... apart from writing, this and knowing full well I should be finishing off my script for next week... not doing an awful lot. Getting rather too excited about receiving more spoiler pics and info for the up-coming star wars movie... if you're interested...

Doubt you will be though!!!!


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