Friday, February 25, 2005

Late entry

Ok I'm quite aware that my entries here have been getting less and less frequent... No excuses apart from laziness to be honest, so I'm going to try doubly hard to stick something on here as much as I can...

Ok so this week.... oh yeah.. started my script again!! I'm speaking about God's love and I think I missed the point in my first attempt. I'm not going to throw it all away but it's going to need some heavy redrafting. Will be sorted for sunday.

Tuesday I led over-60's (yeah!)
Wednesday.. went to a meeting about sexual trafficking (about stopping it!)
Thursday.. rehearsal practices with the worship band for sunday! A little bit stressful at the start, but I'm with a very talented bunch of people! They got it straight away... God is good!
Today I'm actually going out for a belated birthday meal with the croydon posse! Will be awesome to see everybody again.. I do miss 'em!

The best news of all? Well I believe that God is really starting to speak to me again!! I've had a bit of a wilderness experience recently but, I'm desperate to hear his voice and to feel that I'm not praying to a brick wall! I'm going through a lot of changes in myself at the moment... Getting there. Praying for wisdom and for "today's anointing"


Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday the something of Feb

Half-term week so have had a pretty easy time of it this week.

Finished a fantabulous book called "the anointing" by R.T. Kendall which I would recommend to anyone who is serious about discover what God wants them to do in life...

Monday I 90% finished my speak for youth church on 27th.
Tueday lead the alpha group at church... A really honest and open time for all of us... the theme was on prayer, "how and why should I"
Wednesday went to my old place of work to have lunch... try out for all your salvation army needs!

Thursday I met up with my mentors to catch up on stuff. They're in scotland this weekend so I won't be seeing them until tuesday... Also went to some kind of pastors together meeting with Mark... Both got immensely bored but it passed the time I guess. Oh yeah also wrote a diary entry for the ALOVE website should be featured next month.

Friday... apart from writing, this and knowing full well I should be finishing off my script for next week... not doing an awful lot. Getting rather too excited about receiving more spoiler pics and info for the up-coming star wars movie... if you're interested...

Doubt you will be though!!!!


Monday, February 14, 2005

Had a really, really, really busy weekend. Was on the team for the Salvation army's territorial youth rally up in Sheffield.

Travelled up on Friday with Kirsty and Matt P... picked up Matt I from Bedford and eventually got to Sheff around 10ish.. Got to sleep around 12 and woke up at 4am!!! Nicht so gut

Ok so we eventually all rolled into the venue around 7am on Sat. Helped unpack stuff from the vans etc... (alot of techy equipment etc). Here's a great joke... my role was HOSPITALITY! man I've not felt so incompetent for a long time!

It was anything particular difficult... just get the lunches and dinners prepared etc... make sure the kitchen was tidy and all that... but man I had such a hassle working out exactly what to have for the meals and how the money thing was gonna work. I ended up paying for the lunches myself (£71 blinking quid!) and then getting the money back.

Dinner was easier in that I simply ordered loadsa KFC's with ALOVE's petty cash. Had to return to KFC though when I realised that I had no receipt (so that they could claim the money back from THQ). I ended up not having a bite to eat from any of that chickeny goodness, sob!

Event itself went well. The focus was on the issue of sex trafficking, which is a pretty heavy issue but was dealt with really well. Thought R.R. and J.T spoke really well. Got to bed at 11pm and made the journey home today with Matt P. chauffeured by Matt S.... (gosh so many Matt's!)

Incredibly we made the journey from Sheffield to Morden in around 2hours!? (rocket powered car I guess)

I decided to go home to visit the parents and went to Croydon evening meeting. Ended up giving 2 testmonies.... hmmm... Anyway I can't believe the amazing changes that are going on there! Wow the Holy Spirit is really working on the hearts and souls of those people! Praise God!

As soon as I walked through the door, I was struck by how different the atmosphere of the place was. I felt much joy and love coming from a church that wanted to be there worshipping together! God has his hand on the place in a powerful way. Looking forward to seeing further fruits of the Spirit's work.

Must get to bed now....

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

9/02/05 hmmm now what day is that?

Hey hey! 21!

The day is finally here... and what could be better than to spend my day at parent and toddlers! woohoo!! What was nice was that they all sang happy birthday and I was even presented with a birthday cake! (chocolate mmm!) and a card, so was definitely worth coming in today.

Other crazy delights of the day are to look after my mentor's kids tonight, which should be fun! I'm gonna go out for a meal with my parents some time this month. Can't be next week because I'm at the youth rally up in darkest sheffield... brrrr.... better wrap up warm :)

Monday, February 07, 2005

Monday thoughts

What a weekend!

Aw bless Kirsty! She organised a get together with some other Timothy's to celebrate my birthday! Had a great time with everyone on Friday... Forgot to bring a change of clothes though, so ended up the next morning smelling like a badger....

Saturday was just wicked... A few of us went to see The London Community Gospel Choir... Whoa were they great! Really was a wonderful time.

By the way, yes I had changed before going out that night!

Yesterday our worship band played again. We were a few members short, so I led the group. It was so beautiful to see and feel the genuine response and support of the congregation. Hearts are becoming flesh!

Spoke to my mentors today about how things are going... God has really blessed me with some awesome mentors! I expressed my concern that I don't feel the anointing of God. It's like I'm on auto-pilot... They helped me through and have helped me see the bigger picture. As far as they are concerned, things are going well.

Discussing plans for our first youth church meeting on 27th Feb.!! Really excited because I know this is God's timing. Am focussing on making Jesus at the centre of this thing. I'm confident he will bless us richly, providing we stick to His Will and Vision.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday reflection

Wow! What a week I've had! It's simply been one of the best so far. I've felt closer to God then I have in a long, long time! Been praying for a lot of "divine appointments" ie chances to talk to people about God and faith etc, and amazingly this week I've had one of these, EVERY SINGLE DAY! God is good!

I was most inspired by an old lady I met in Crystal Palace on Thursday, who was preaching (shouting) the gospel to passing cars and people. Yes I know that sounds slightly weird! I thought so too! I went up to her and we got talking and I actually left really encouraged. Not neccessarily by what she was doing but by her awesome testimony.

She'd had meningitis and was on death's door, until she gave her heart to the Lord and said that if he healed her, she would give her life to him! He did, and that's why she's going about proclaiming God's love! Now that spoke to me in a very powerful way!

For once I've been really disciplined with my prayer life and bible study this week, and have found it really helpful. God has spoken to me in a number of different ways. I've written a lot of the stuff down which really challenged me. The words that keep on coming to me in particular are as follows:
"Teach, preach and go and make disciples".

Man what a challenge! I'm constantly asking God to reveal his will for my life. I believe he is starting to answer.....