Monday, January 31, 2005

Was blind but now....

I'm realizing that I seem to have lost the initial vision that I had for Upper Norwood SA when I first came here. Scary thought.

What is vision? Is it something that you only see through your eyes? I've SEEN a lot here that disappoints me. The attitudes, the arguments, the "living-dead" that turn up on a Sunday out of duty. Is this what true vision is? If we perceived everything through this type of sensory vision only. I think we'd be a lost cause.

No. Thank God that He gives us another sort of vision. HE is our vision. That's what I'm learning all over again. Yes there are many changes I would like to make. But it's not about ME.
God has plans for his church at Upper Norwood. He wants us to catch on to those plans. When we come to Him with a clear and honest heart, ready to receive from Him and ready to Give everything for Him. We can catch that vision once more.

I am praying that I can receive it from Him again. I want to be useful to Him. I want to see things through His eyes.

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