Sunday, January 30, 2005

Half-time review

Ok so I'm about halfway through Timothy already! I've been spending the past week or so trying to work out where it's taken me... spiritually I mean. Also what have I achieved during the 4months at my placement....

I guess it's normal to think that you never do enough or never work hard enough, but the thought is there looming like a bad smell or bitter taste. Nothing major, I'm not spending sleepless nights over it, but it's still there. To be honest I admit I haven't given 100% effort... Isn't that terrible!? Well anyway, I made a promise recently that I would throw my self into this experience with a whole-hearted attitude... I pray it's not tooo late.... I really want God to use me at this church. I know there's a lot of exciting times yet to come at my placement...I'm really happy we've managed to get the worship band up and running and actually leading worship! We have our first youth church starting up in Feb soon so thats something to look forward too!

Would be nice to be a piece of the divine jigsaw!

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